Mindful Gratitude

Sometimes you read something so powerful, so moving that it touches the deepest recesses of your mind. When the writing resonates so perfectly with one’s own experiences and emotions, it really does feel like a ripple through the fabric of being. Sometimes it happens unexpectedly.

I’m writing this ten minutes after just such an experience, and every impulse I have makes me want to reach out with love and gratitude to the author of those words for what they have unknowingly bequeathed me. For the first time in almost 30 years, I have cried, unselfconsciously, freely and completely.

I don’t know the author in real life, but I have resisted commenting in the blog in question, or DMing him on Twitter. I think I’m fearful of being thought a crank or some kind of internet weirdo, or simply causing embarrassment.

Instead, I’m going to throw a few words into my own patch of cyberspace, in the hope that serendipity will lead the author here sometime, and that he will realise these words are intended for him.

Put simply, I had no conception until tonight of the raw power of words written honestly and from the heart. I simply don’t have the vocabulary to express how profoundly life-altering my accidental bedtime reading turned out to be. That’s what I want to tell the writer. That, and thank you.


2 responses to “Mindful Gratitude

  1. Hi Rob. Thanks for coming by again! I’m struggling a bit, (having anonymously) poured my heart out last night; blog as ‘confessional’ wasn’t really a route that I’d ever planned, and to be truthful, I was deliberately cagey about being too specific, for entirely personal reasons.

    Strictly metaphorically, the universe reached out to me as I was reading, and handed me back a part of myself that I had thought forever lost. It really was that epochal. I don’t think the author had necessarily intended it, and it was pure happy chance that I encountered his words at a moment when I just happened to be receptive to what the universe was giving me (metaphor, again!). I was overjoyed to find that the author had stopped by, the education blog world being really quite small, and having served its purpose, I was tempted to delete this entry: too personal; too much of a deviation from core-purpose… However, I’m going to leave it in situ, as it highlights a couple of things that are beyond important. Firstly, the liberating power of placing yourself in an open and receptive state of being. Mostly,the simple power of the written word – humanity’s greatest achievement.

    Thanks again, Rob. As a newbie blogger, it means a lot to me that people give my writing the time of day!

    Humbly, Iorek

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