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You Are Here. Just think about that.

You Are Here. Just think about that.

The number of people who’ve stopped by this blog over the last couple of days is quite overwhelming. At least for me; maybe my bar is set low, but to write something and then have a few dozen people make the choice to read it is quite humbling and strangely exhilerating. Thank you all for making me a happy polar bear!

Most people’s blogs seem, early on, to incorporate some form of objective, core purpose or otherwise. I’m inclined to do likewise, not least of all because I’m still in the very early days of blogging and my objectives are presently a little unfocussed.

Definitely it feels good to write. Writing can lend clarity to thought-processes, demanding that you re-shape, add definition, texture, shade, but more importantly, to establish meaning. To create sense. That, if anything is my present purpose.

If you haven’t read my first posting, I outlined my determination to approach life differently. This too is a work in progress; entrenched bad habits can be very hard to break, but I have come to view bad habits are the biggest barrier to individual human potentiality. This is a theme that I will most certainly explore, because there are so many examples of bad-habits that ingrain themselves in all areas of life, causing problems along the way.

I imagine that most of the postings will be connected to education indirectly or directly, but please bear with me if future posts deviate into non-educational territory. To further set out my stall, I should also add that the title ‘Carping From The Sidelines’ is tongue in cheek! I can grumble with the best of them, but part of thinking differently is my attempt to give up, or at least minimise, grumbling. It generally doesn’t help much, and doesn’t remedy things, so it strikes me as a waste of effort. Unless you really have something to grumble about! At the same time, that doesn’t mean I’m going to judge others if they choose to grumble.


  • My favourite books are Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy and Patrick O’Brien’s Master & Commander Series, The Aubrey Maturin novels. Clearly, I’m a bit of a Phillip Pullman Fan too.
  • I love everything to do with space exploration and astronomy.
  • I’m an internet user since 1994.
  • My favourite crisps are cheese & onion.
  • I routinely infuriate & exasperate my wife and kids.
  • The beauty & brilliance of the universe makes my head spin. It is a privilege to be alive here & now.
  • I’m presently to be found on twitter as @IorekByrnisson.